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The long term plan is still to open this up to all users, not just a few, but we still haven't figured out a good way to do that. Maybe we should add a new topline category, "threat reports"?

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I actually like that option, it would allow us to filter and extract the info as well. A little bit like Have I been pawned, but with software and hardware threats. I feel this should be curated not based on community voting. But we all hang out here. I think this community has a special collection of talents that could foster positive relationships with the larger society.

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I've found that sometimes a "why was this downvoted" response to an irrationally downvoted question can turn it from grayed out to black again. Herd mentality for sure. Your title wasn't really great honestly, unfortunately this community is often based first impressions.

Or more bluntly: click bait wins. In this case, it's not click bait that is winning. If you manage to post something like the Apple annual report, you can get a million free points basically. You just gotta be quick. Angostura 4 months ago. Clear headlines that put the most salient information in the headline are not clickbait. The headline on this post is not clickbait. Click bait is an unfortunate reality but I think it's possible to create decent titles that are not just misleading.

Personally I think this OP might even be a bit too much, but milankragujevic's was plain confusing. Jonnax 4 months ago. The ask hacker news section isn't really a good avenue for discussion unless it's a general topic like:What's a good framework?

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Best thing to do would have been to contact tech sites with the info. Like The register would definitely do an article about it. I think you didn't know that data was being sent.

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From what I read, you just had suspicions, which is a big difference. I have a work device that is a Nokia 8. I see the evenwell apps too. Were you able to forcefully uninstall these via adb? Wow, this is interesting. One of those times when it sucks to be right, I guess What model? Or you think all? I have a Nokia 3 and a Nokia 7. I think all HMD devices have those packages. Would love to speak to you about this. Can you send me an email? Send you a mail from a newly created mail account.

How do I generate a list like this? Login to android shell using adb. More specifically: adb shell pm list packages You can sort it alphabetically by piping it through the "sort" command, like this: adb shell "pm list packages sort". It's also really hard to read your writing when what should be an entire paragraph is one sentence. Please don't assume this is a one-time event, or that it is specific to this brand or even to Chinese manufacturers. Nokia could actually be in the best half on that aspect, just got unlucky.

Most of such info leaks are hidden.

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I've already witnessed several OEM firmwares sending informations to many different parties. Too often, this is done through http, with payload encrypted. But it's always symmetrical encryption, and the encryption key can be computed from the fields in clear in the request.

Such techniques are enough to stay under the radar of classic MITM, and require hard reverse engineering work to detect. I've noticed such behaviours on major Chinese OEMs, and white-label brands.

I never did actual reverse engineering on more western-ish brands, but the little I've seen doesn't look good. If you're worried about this situation I do , I recommend you start lobbying about mandatory bootloader unlock, and easier OS replacement on smartphones. Personally my work in this ecosystem is to make the Phh-Treble ROM, which is most likely the Android ROM with the largest hardware support even though it requires the phone to be natively running Android 8 at least , and it is opensource.

Why is there such a permission in the first place? Google Play and F-droid require it in order to update apps automatically. Essentially, you give one app a permission to install other apps. Whether it notifies you or not, it's up to the app. As mentioned, there are updates, but then you could have an upgrade-specific permission there isn't one. But even when simply installing, check the workflow that the play store currently have: When you click "install" in the play store, you don't really want interactions far in the future about it.

So the apps' permissions are asked right away. Without this silent install permission, you would have a pop-up at the end of the download which can be between few seconds after clicking "install" to several hours if you're unlucky and downloading a big app , asking you to confirm the installation.

I have Kindle installed and recently installed audible - after installing audible, I noticed I got Prime Video haven't been a subscriber for a while. Digital Turbine. This has to be fixed by HMD and I hope for an official investigation as most other manufacturers are probably doing the same. In the meantime, I recommend the following: 1.

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  4. This should be fixed at an even higher level, and have Google force manufacturers to not add or alter the base OS for any data-gathering reasons in Android One and deny them from using the Android One brand if they do, or people will lose faith about the Android One program. UncleEntity 4 months ago. That, my friend, would be abusing their monopoly position. Google hoovers up all the data and tells their partners they can't do this too? The antitrust regulators would have a field day. Of course there is almost guaranteed to be other spyware on the phone serving the curiosity of the same and different masters, like Google.

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    Google should revoke their use of the AndroidOne trademark over these shenanigans. Thank you for linking Shelter, I had no idea that was possible and that easy software for it existed! You suggest installing userspace apps to control system software that might run in a privileged context. NoRoot Firewall, for example, doesn't control iptables, it just pretends to be a VPN server and privileged software, I assume, can bypass it. Yes, I'm fully aware of this. There's also the problem of having a closed source baseband processor in pretty much every device. But bypassing these mechanisms is a decision they had to make.

    If they're just lazy or incompetent, these userspace apps should be sufficient as a mitigation. According to the explanation about permissions within NoRoot Firewall itself, any app with the 'Internet' permission can create connections to bypass the VPN. All of the Android One mobiles appear on the top list of their Android One microsite and I'm sure most of them contain malware built-in. Yeah, Android One is a bit of a joke really. I got a Nokia 7 Plus on the promise that it would have fast updates, be bug free, and not contain any OEM modifications. None of those have really been true.

    Admittedly, updates are still a bit faster than the likes of Samsung and other big OEMs, but the process has shown that it's not as simple as Google rolling out the updates. OEMs still make changes to it, and it still seems dependent on carriers pushing through the changes - despite buying a SIM free phone, I waited 2 months longer for updates, which seemed to be the case with everyone on the same network in the UK. It's far from bug free, with a few updates in the last few months introducing new bugs.

    The Easiest Way to Uninstall Malware on an Android Device [How-To]

    Again, it shows that this isn't an update coming directly from Google, it is at least in some part developed and tweaked by OEMs. They also introduced their own battery optimisation software a few months ago, which massively changed how the phone handled multitasking and background applications effectively, it killed them all.